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Academically Gifted and Talented


Welcome to Macomb Intermediate School District's website for Academically Gifted and Talented (AGT) children. Listed below are the featured subjects that will guide you in finding out about gifted children and the education of gifted children.

With the support of the MISD, local districts will differentiate instruction pre K-12, and offer a continuum of services designed to encourage maximum development of every student's potential. After viewing this site, contact your local district for program options.

This website offers information that:

  • educates individuals about identifying characteristics of gifted children
  • describes the screening process
  • defines common terms associated with gifted and talented
  • recommends educational practices for gifted students
  • provides strategic assistance to parents of a gifted child
  • informs individuals about books, journals, national and regional organizations, conferences, community resources, and other websites

Academically Gifted & Talented Children
Information on defining giftedness, what makes giftedness, characteristics of gifted children, and identifying gifted children.

Testing for AGT Children
Information regarding testing for gifted and talented children.

Teaching AGT Children
Differentiated Instruction and Guidelines for Teaching Gifted Students.

Teacher Resources
Websites, Reference Books, Strategies/Activity Books, Magazines, Catalogs, and Supporting Organizations.

Parenting an AGT Child
Guidelines, Parent Resources, Supporting Organizations, Michigan Resources, and Websites.

Common Terms
Common terms associated with giftedness.

Online Opportunities and Resources

Additional Resources