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Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Department provides a variety of services including Interactive Learning, Distance Learning, Assistive Technology, Universal Design for Learning, Beal Library, Media Library, Large Print, Teacher's Workshop.

Assistive Technology & Universal Design for Learning

Explore this link to find information about Assistive Technology and Macomb ISD's Universal Design for Learning (UDL) project called Engage, Expand and Encompass through Technology. The E3T site provides information about UDL, access to great teacher and student UDL resources, UDL lesson plans and strategies for using technology to provide access for all learners. The AT site includes information about the Macomb County AT Process and guide, professional development opportunities, and links to other great AT related resources.

Beal Library

Beal Library professional multimedia reference center devoted to teaching and learning in the K-12 classroom. The library's collection contains professional and children's books, K-12 text books, journals, audio books, educational dvds, staff development videos, web sites and virtual reference desk.

Distance Learning

Curriculum and Professional Development are enhanced and extended through on-line courses, virtual field trips to zoos, museums and science centers, collaborative events linking students from around the county to around the state to around the world, and special events linking to our students to authors and specialists. In short, we bring a world of resources to our students each and every day. ASK, L.A.P's, Field Trip Fridays and Middle School Mondays are a few of the programs offered by Distance Learning.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning includes a variety of resources to integrate technology in your classroom. We offer resources to enhance teacher and student productivity from in-person workshops to virtual online training. Interactive learning includes resources like MOST/Blackboard, Data Director, Discovery Streaming, Edublogs, as well as popular training sessions like 21things4teachers, 21things4students21things4administrators and 21things4ipads 

Teacher's Workshop

The Teachers' Workshop provides services and materials designed to enhance the classroom experience. Come and see the many resources we can provide for your classroom.