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Children Services

MISD Center Program Schools

Center Programs

The mission of the MISD Center Programs is to improve each student's ability to function independently. We do that by developing and supporting comprehensive educational programs in partnership with students, their parents, local educational agencies (LEA) and community we serve.


We provide transportation for students attending MISD center program schools and coordinate transportation for other center programs.

Assessment Center

Assessment Center Services are available to Macomb County families with children from birth to three years of age who may have a developmental delay.

Early On

Early On is a statewide early intervention system that provides a range of family services and supports to help infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months who have developmental delays or established conditions that may lead to delays.

Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP)

The MIPP Program serves children ranging in age from a few weeks to three years who need special education services because of a medical difficulty or developmental delay that can affect learning.

Support & Related Services (SRS)

Our department serves students who need support to benefit from their educational program. These students may have challenges that prevent them from taking full advantage of their schooling without support. Related services are provided at the request of the student's local district.