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Welcome to Neil Reid

Engage Empower Inspire 


The Mission of Neil Reid High School is to enhance students' affective and cognitive skills, enabling them to make a successful transition to their local high school and community as productive lifelong learners. 


1. We believe that education should prepare students to succeed academically and socially so they can compete for quality jobs, become productive members of society, and empower them to develop a purpose.

2. We believe that students benefit from a community of collaboration that provides specialized programs to meet their individual needs.

3. We believe that students benefit from an environment that embraces diversity through the nurturing of respect, acceptance, and appreciation among human beings. 

4. We believe education can succeed in an environment where safety and consistency encourages follow through and accountability from all staff and students.  

Neil Reid Information

Neil E. Reid High School offers an academic and behavioral program for students with severe emotional impairments in Macomb County.  Students attending Neil E. Reid are provided courses aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum as outlined in the Curriculum Guide found in this publication.  In addition to core MMC requirements, students maintain an Educational Development Plan as part of the transition planning process. 


Neil E. Reid High School
37701 Harper
Clinton Township, MI 48036
586-469-8173 (fax)

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