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MISD Bilingual/ELL Education

The MISD Bilingual/EL education program provides bilingual instructional assistants who help limited English proficient (LEP)/English Language Learner (ELL) students to learn English and to achieve competency in English language and reading skills, enabling them to have equal access to education in a classroom where only English is spoken.


Information about services offered through the MISD Bilingual/ESL Education Program and eligibility requirements

Mask Mandate Posters in Different Languages

General Cornovirus Handout - State of Michigan:

Additional Resources:

Parents Guidebook

Informational Document About MISD Bilingual Education Program For Parents.

Other Resources

Procedures for Referring New English Language Learning Students (ELL)

MISD Bilingual Program Forms

  • State Board of Education Approved HOME LANGUAGE SURVEYS
  • Teacher Referral Form for Student Participation in MISD Bilingual Education Program
  • Parent Refusal of Bilingual Program 
  • Request for MISD Bilingual Interpreter Services Forms
  • Tutor's Performance Evaluation Form
  • Tutor/teacher Communication Form
  • Request for Approval (from Tutor to Teacher)
  • Anectdotal Record
  • Inactive Student

Bilingual Resources at MISD

Information on Elementary Level Materials, Junior & Senior High Levels, Teacher Handbook,  Implications for Brain Based Learning, What if They Don't Speak English?, My English Book,  Special Education Related to English Language Learners, Peer Review of ESL Articles, and  Additional Resources on the Web.

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Information

English Language Learner Programs

This link has information on program descriptions, annual reports, allocations for section 41 - Bilingual, Title III, and Refugee Children School Impact Grant.  There are also resource materials such as:  State Manual to Assist Districts in Their Work With EL Students (Policy),  Calendar of Important Dates,  Invitation to Parents to Attend OELA's,  OELA's Third Annual Celebrate Our Rising Stars Summit, and Home Language Survey - English.

Entrance and Exit Protocol (MDE)

WIDA:  Parent's Letter

Teacher Resources

Information on Teacher Resources and Classroom Strategies.

ELLs and Special Education

ELLs and Special Education: Assessing the Instructional Program Before Assessing a Child for Special Education

Title III Program Evaluation

Title III Program Evaluation: Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is responsible for monitoring all ELL/Immigrant program performance under the NO Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

Parents Guidebook

Informational Document About MISD Bilingual Education Program For Parents.

The Personal Curriculum

A Tool for Modifying the Michigan Merit Curriculum
This document provides information of the subject area credit requirements for high school students to graduate. Additionally, it provides the personal curriculum modifications that the districts can utilize.

Bilingual Employment Opportunities:

If you are bilingual and are interested in joining our team, please contact (586) 228-3481.