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Consultant Services

We are involved with the educational community across the country. Our staff members are leaders in state and national programs. Many are working with colleges and universities. Still others are exchanging information with their professional colleagues. All these activities have a single purpose: to identify and develop techniques and programs which improve learning opportunities in Macomb County and maintain our reputation for educational excellence. Macomb Inspire is a quarterly publication highlighting instructional practices and celebrating achievement in Macomb County classrooms. Teachers and staff can stay informed and acquire new ideas for their classroom and school.


Assessment for learning takes place in the classroom and helps teachers know what their students have learned. Assessment for learning, more importantly, informs teachers how to adjust their instruction. Assessment of learning is used to determine what students have learned at the end of a unit of instruction, course or grade. Assessment for learning can only take place in the classroom. Assessment of learning takes place in the classroom but can also be used for accountability purposes such as the Michigan Accreditation System and No Child Left Behind.

We offer support to teachers, school improvement teams, building and district administrators in the use of many types of assessments, the collection and analysis of data, and decision making based on dialogues around data. One of the most important uses of data is for evaluating school performance and determining school improvement priorities.

Evaluation focuses on determining the effect or impact of specific classroom interventions, building initiatives, curriculum programs or district projects. We help individuals and teams focus and refine their evaluation questions and design a plan that includes the appropriate assessment instruments, timeline and analysis. Evaluation plans typically collect both quantitative and qualitative data. We help schools develop qualitative tools such as paper or online surveys. We also provide help in conducting focus groups to collect data from a variety of stakeholders.

Bilingual/ELL Education

The MISD Bilingual/ELL Education Program provides bilingual instructional assistants, who help English language learning students to learn English and to achieve competency in English language and reading skills. Thus, providing the ELL students an equal access to education in a classroom where English only is spoken.

Career & Technical Education

Bridging the gap between education and the world of work, Career Technical Education programs increase students’ options for occupational choice in the high skill/high wage/high demand careers of the future. Macomb County schools offer 243 programs in 32 career fields.

Continuous Improvement

Macomb ISD continuous improvement focus areas include the Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP), professional learning communities (PLCs), Balanced Assessment Systems, and State Accountability Designated Schools for Action and State-wide Systems of Support. Offerings to support this work include the Facilitators of Continuous Improvement (FCI) Cohort - a 5-day series designed to support district leaders in this work while at the same time, support their ability to facilitate building level continuous improvement actions. Districts with schools designated for action participate in FCI Cohort II- a 5-day customized series, district and building leaders will be supported and guided through the Assess Needs process, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating as it relates to their continuous improvement goals, end-targets and interim targets.

Early Childhood

The Macomb Intermediate School Districts works collaboratively with the 21 local school districts, families, and communities  to support the development and academic achievement of all children birth to age eight.  We work to ensure that resources and tools are available to give every child a healthy start and to best prepare out youngest learners for success in school and life!

Academically Gifted & Talented

MISD is committed to an educational program of options that recognize the unique value, needs and talents of each student. Instructional programs for the gifted and talented are an integral part of this commitment. With the support of the MISD, local districts will differentiate instruction pre K-12, and offer a continuum of services designed to encourage maximum development of every student's potential.

High School Reform Steering Committee

The High School Reform Steering Committee (HSRSC) was formed in response to the State of Michigan's adoption of the New High School Graduation Requirements in April 2006. The HSRSC discusses the implications and implementation of the graduation requirements, as well as the programs and supports needed to be instituted to ensure the successful completion of these requirements by all of Macomb County's students.

Homeless Students

In cooperation with local Macomb County school districts we can assist parents and their families while they are temporarily between homes.

International Academy of Macomb

The International Academy of Macomb (IAM) is a public, tuition-free, high school for students from 18 Macomb County districts. IA Macomb provides a unique blend of rigorous academic standards, practical career-related experiences, and intercultural learning opportunities focused on a very challenging and engaging curriculum; and features the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as the centerpiece of the 11th and 12th grade curriculum.

Language Arts

The Language Arts program at Macomb ISD is based on the Michigan Department of Education English Language Arts Standards and Content Expectations. Our mission is to provide leadership for a balanced literacy program throughout the curriculum equipping students with the communication and thinking skills necessary to become literate and informed individuals.


The Mathematics Unit of the Consultant Services Department makes a difference in Macomb County Schools by providing: Leadership, Curriculum Support, Professional Development, Student Services, Community Involvement and a Resource Clearinghouse.

New Teacher Academy

New Teacher Academy provides current research based information on best practices for new teachers. These opportunities are available to new teachers and provide professional development hours to satisfy the requirements for all new teachers. By attending these sessions new teachers will have the opportunity to log hours to move their certificates from provisional to professional.


All paraprofessionals working in educational support positions hired after January 8, 2002, and are funded by Title 1 monies, must meet the highly qualified requirement of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. The Macomb ISD is an approved site that administers an internet-based Parapro Assessment Test, as well as provides a Parapro Study Workshop which offers a targeted review of the material covered on the assessment test.

Safe, Supportive & Healthy Schools

Safe, Supportive & Healthy Schools offers the training, technical assistance and resource coordination to help districts keep students healthy, safe and drug-free.


We have adopted the shared vision for mathematics and science.  Our goal is to help all students develop the knowledge and skills needed to participate fully as enlightened citizens in economic, social and civic actions and decision making in an increasingly complex society.


Social Studies

The MISD offers consulting services in social studies curriculum and instruction and professional development sessions on instruction for specific grade levels and courses, as well as content literacy at the secondary level. In addition, the MISD hosts countywide social studies meetings throughout the year to assist schools in keeping current with changes at the state level and research in the field of social studies education.


State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) programs are State approved activities used for renewal of certificates/licenses issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).  SCECHs are earned by attending programs offered by schools, colleges, and educational associations that follow MDE’s quality professional development criteria.  SCECHs reflect the total number of instructional hours in a program.

Teacher Leader Program

The Macomb Intermediate School District Teacher Leader Program is designed to identify and develop teacher leaders in the K-12 school buildings within the county.

A teacher leader is a person who demonstrates the skills of a highly effective teacher and has the influence to extend beyond their own classroom within their own school and elsewhere. The MISD teacher leader program is designed to develop teacher leader skills to improve learning for the school community that includes students, parents, and staff.

World Languages

The Macomb Intermediate School District offers assistance in world languages curriculum and professional development for the twenty-one school districts in Macomb County, Michigan.