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District and School Accountability measures student achievement and school performance based on statewide assessments and other academic indicators as required under state and federal law.

Michigan School Accountability was developed after the adoption of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) and Adequate Growth Percentiles (AGPs) are used within the School Accountability Index System. 

Student Growth Percentiles  represent one powerful way to quantify the learning of individual students over one or more years. Conceptually, SGPs communicate the degree to which a student has learned in a particular domain, compared to a group of academic peers who had a comparable score on the previous test (or multiple previous tests) in that subject.

Adequate Growth Percentiles are growth targets that describe how much growth a student needs to consistently attain to be on a path to reach, or maintain, proficiency within a set timeframe. 

Statewide School Index Report Tools

These tools where initial created using Office 365 and can be found on the Michigan School Index System Resources page under Public School Index Public Reports and Data at the bottom. Below are the tools reformatted to work in Excel. 

2018-19 Statewide School Index Report Tool

2017-18 Statewide School Index Report Tool

2016-17 Statewide School Index Report Tool