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Teacher Certification

According to Michigan law, all persons providing instruction at the elementary and secondary levels must hold a certificate, permit, or vocational authorization valid for the teaching assignment.

This means that public schools, public school academies, and nonpublic schools are required to first seek for employment a teacher who holds a valid Michigan teacher certificate appropriate for the assignment.

However, if a school district or school cannot find an appropriately certified teacher to fill a vacancy or for a substitute teaching assignment, they may, depending on their need, apply for one or more types of teacher permits addressed in Part 4, State Special Permits, of the Administrative Rules Governing the Certification of Michigan Teachers.

Additional Information and Application Forms

In-state candidates who complete requirements at an approved Michigan teacher preparation institution must be recommended by that institution. Out-of-state candidates and applicants for renewal of Professional Education or Occupational Education certificates apply directly to the state office at:

Michigan Department of Education
Office of Professional Preparation Services
P.O. Box 30008, Lansing, Michigan 48909
Website: www.michigan.gov/mde